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Luther Ragsdale High ResolutionAs the broker and CEO of Platinum Real Estate for nearly two decades, Luther Ragsdale has built up his career to a multi-millionaire status, all while sharing his insights with others who are eager to break into the field.

A Georgia resident for over twenty years, Luther runs Platinum Real Estate as the premier brokerage firm for anyone who is looking for property in Atlanta. His Firm Platinum Real Estate is one of the fastest growing firms in Atlanta with over 90 licensed real estate agentsThere are currently about ninety real estate agents in the firm, and Luther has big plans to expand the company to around 300 agents. The team at Platinum Real Estate has already bought and sold about $500 million worth of properties since its inception.

In addition to its impressive numbers, Platinum Real Estate is unique in its field because it also has an education branch. Luther runs the Platinum Real Estate Academy, which provides training for everyone from pre-licensed individuals to experienced agents and brokers. As the owner and school director, Luther writes each and every Academy course himself, submitting them to the Georgia Real Estate Commission for review so that they can be taught on an official level. Luther has written hundreds of approved courses over the years. A longtime expert in business management and administration, Luther also manages other instructors at the school.

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Luther has created business systems and informational media to help people understand how to replicate his success. Even though he started from nothing in a typical “rags to riches” situation, Platinum Real Estate has no debt, thanks to his careful planning and business management. He invested in Platinum in its very early stages and took its profits to build the veritable business it is today. A networker to the core, Luther quickly got busy creating partnerships and corporations that would allow him to expand his reach and purchase more properties.

Because Luther helped Platinum Real Estate skyrocket in terms of success, he enjoys using his own story as a way to frame the many speeches, seminars, and coaching books he has produced. He also hosted a television show for ten years that focused on tips for growing wealth, based on the ever-growing success of Platinum.

Ever since the economic crisis of 2008, Luther has continued to prove himself as a worthy figure in real estate, bouncing back from dismal times and leading the way in innovative practices that ensured high sales and purchases.

Luther is certified in the management of apartments, housing, residents and supervisory maintenance.